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                                About Us UMGG has been consistently focusing on the stone.

                                Universal Marble & Granite Group Ltd. (UMGG) is one of the greatest manufacturers of natural stone in Asia. This company with over 30 years of experience in the stone field, features a total productive area of approximately 1.200.000 sq.m. divided into several factories and nearly 2000 employees. With four business division in Dongguan, Shuitou, Tianjin respectively and Universal Stone`s HUB(Industrial Park), based on intermediate and superior engineering market. UMGG, the world's leading provider of system solutions for decorative stone.

                                UMGG has introduced more than 500 sets of advanced equipment, It was equipped with computer machining center, computer water-jet cutting machine and fully automatic successive polishing line, etc, which are the most leading-edge processing equipment in the world, forming fully–furnished product structure.

                                In 2014, UMGG invested RMB 2 Billion for the Uniplus Quartz factory, which is about 267,000M2. Uniplus factory imported the global lastest fully automatic quartzite production line from Breton in Italy. Through the innovation of material formulation technology and precision molding technology, to create a comprehensive upgrade to a new type of quartzite products. The products have greatly be improved in the green environmental protection, application scope, fire protection and other aspects. Green environmental protection, high grade fire prevention (EU A level fire prevention), innovative surface treatment, larger size , exterior applications, simple installation and other advantages.

                                UMGG has carried on several national professional research projects, and participated into drafting and formulating the Natural Mable For Building Slab and other more than 30 national and industrial standards. UMGG earned honorable titles including “China Famous Trademark”, ”Well-Known Trademark in Guangdong Province ”, “National High-Tech Enterprise”, etc. It has undertaken to supply stone material for more than 3000 famous projects both at home and abroad, such as the most luxurious eight-star hotel -Emirates Palace Hotel, the biggest royal Islam temple - Shaikh Abu Dhabi Mosque, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria Mosque, Wynn Hotel (Las Vegas and Macao),conference halls of Great Hall of the People for 80% provinces and cities, special terminal of Capital Airport, KingKey Financial Center in Shenzhen,Diaoyutai Guesthouse in Beijing,Lingshan Buddhist Palace in Wuxi,Jiuhuashan Dayuan Cultural Park and other famous projects in China.

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